A Mile in My Shoes by Joe Solowiejczyk

A Type 1 Diabetes Guide To The Universe - available now on iTunes. 

iBook by Joe Solowiejczyk – A Mile in my Shoes 

A Type 1 Diabetes Guide to the Universe introduces a new way to learn to thrive with diabetes. It is the first book to integrate the psychological and emotional aspects of dealing with diabetes into the core of its approach, and it makes use of the most current and creative e-publishing tools available to give you a rich resource to read, interact with and hear all sorts of information that will help you and your family.

Additionally, A Mile in My Shoes is dedicated to producing fun, unique web-based presentations and learning resources for patients and their families wishing to increase their self-management knowledge base and emotional coping skills. The new e-book self-management manual, A Type 1 Diabetes Guide to the Universe, is a new and exciting part of that initiative. Visit A mile in my Shoes Website here.

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