LeLan Solutions and SocialDiabetes Type 1 Diabetes Survey

Do you have #Type1Diabetes? Help improve future services by completing LeLan Solutions and SocialDiabetes Type 1 Diabetes Survey, it takes around 5 minutes survey with an optional final question which takes another couple of minutes if you choose to do it. The survey is open to everyone with Type 1 Diabetes no matter where they live.

*** The survey is here http://bit.ly/Type1Survey

LeLan Solutions and SocialDiabetes are collaborating on a project sponsored by the Scottish Government to develop a new, digital self-care platform to help people with Type 1 diabetes manage their condition.

‘Our aim is to create a truly innovative system that will empower users with the confidence to take control of their diabetes and live independent lives, free of fear and with significant reductions in complications.

We are still in the planning phase and would love to get information and opinions from people with Type 1 diabetes – it’s really important that we make sure what we’re building meets the needs and expectations of the people we want to help.

We would really appreciate it if you could take 5-10 minutes to complete this online survey to help guide our development process. At the end, you will have the opportunity to sign-up for an additional survey and receive gifts including £20 in Amazon gift vouchers.’

Anyone wishing to continue will be randomly chosen to take part in a focus group, those picked will receive Amazon Vouchers, the others will receive access to their premium diabetes app.

For more information about SocialDiabetes, please visit SocialDiabetes.com

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LeLan Solutions and SocialDiabetes Type 1 Diabetes Survey