EIO Medical ID Card

EIO Medical ID Card (Emergency Information Online)

After seeing Stephen Dixon (@StephenDixonTV) post about the EIO Medical ID Card on twitter and as he was impressed with it I thought I’d give it a try. My son isn’t big on medical ID; now and again he has had something he liked but then lost or broke it! I thought a card was worth a shot. I have to say I am as impressed as Steve! So easy to activate and set up and after adding your details a quick scan loads them instantly on your phone or any compatible device.

It sits nicely in a purse or wallet and is easy to spot if someone opens it to check for ID as the card has + IN AN EMERGENCY + along the top edge which makes it stand out. Marc is less likely to lose a card and as it is discreet he likes it too! Even if he did lose it, it’s not expensive like ID jewellery! Win/Win! It is the same size as any other card and is waterproof too! If you know Marc you’ll know how important waterproof things are for him!

EIO wallet Medical ID Card www.eiocard.comJust to add, you don’t need to have a medical condition to have this card, as it also stores next of kin and general contact information, ideal for many situations.

I also have one myself!

So how to get an EIO card?

Buy your card from www.eiocard.com At the moment it costs £4.99 and unlike some medical ID’s, there are no ongoing subscription costs, making one of the most affordable and secure ways to have you details instantly accessible, and fully in your control as you can amend, update or delete anything stored on your card yourself online on a computer, tablet or phone.

Once you receive your card, you register it at www.eiocard.com with your email address and adding a password.

You will need to confirm email address, then log in with your email and password.

Now to Activate Device (card)
activate EIO

Enter the Authorisation code on the back of the card to activate and you will now be able to see your card showing under “devices”. Click on Profiles ‘Create’

You have an optional 12 steps to add as much or as little as you like.

  1. Name, First, Surname & NHS Number

create profile step 1 EIO

  1. Medical conditions

You can select from Diabetes, Epilepsy, Dementia, and Asthma

There is space to add any further conditions and any notes

  1. Select treatment, type of insulin, vial (injections with syringe) pump, or pen
  1. Diabetes Type

Hypo treatment

  1. Annual review, add dates of Hba1c, retinal screening, Foot Examination
  1. Consultants contact details
  1. DSN contact details
  1. Emergency Contacts – you can add up to 15
  1. Allergies and notes
  1. Prescriptions again you can add up to 15
  1. GP contact details, name and address, telephone
  1. Other – add any further info you would like here e.g Medical alert dog or anything really!

You can cover everything on the EIO Card!

If you don’t want to answer anything or leave it for later you can skip any step.

Now you can view your complete profile! Easy and fast!

QR codeTo see all your details on the EIO Medical ID Card, anyone can scan the QR code on the back of the card with a QR reader on a phone. QR reader apps are available for all smart phones, or you can tap the card on an NFC enabled device. (phone or tablet) There are many NFC (Near Field Communication) phones available which read the EIO Card now and more coming soon.  iPhones have NFC, but it is currently locked to apple pay, this will hopefully change, but this doesn’t limit the use of the card.

The back of the EOI smart card
The back of the EOI smart card

After having the cards for a while, and fortunately not having needed to use them for emergencies I did wonder how emergency services would know to look for them. After some research I have been assured they should always look in your purse or wallet and EOI say: All ambulance trusts have been contacted and supplied with cards/information. Product awareness is constantly taking place with key individuals within health sector.  The more people that use the cards the more they will become recognised as a new form of smart card ID.  I use this QR reader, but there are so many free choices in iTunes, for iPhones, apple watches and iPads.

To find out more about the EOI smart card visit




NEWS – EIO e-diabetes passport

***  Hopefully you will see a new EIO e-diabetes passport soon.  It works exactly the same as the EIO SmartCard, but highlights ‘Diabetes’, other conditions can still be added to the details held on the card, e.g. Coeliac. They aren’t available as of yet but if you are interested ask at clinic and they should be able to find out more and keep you updated.

It looks great!

EIO diabetes alert e-diabetes passport
Front – EIO diabetes e-diabetes passport
EIO e-diabetes passport
Back – EIO diabetes e-diabetes passport
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