Funding for CGMs and Adult Insulin Pumps 2018

Additional Funding for CGMs and Adult Insulin Pumps 2018-2019

After the SNP announcement of £10 million funding for CGMs and adult insulin pumps (diabetes technology) in December 2016 we now have the following details for 2018-2019:

2018 pumps and cgm budget per board
2018 pumps and cgm budget per board2018 pumps and cgm budget per board
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In December 2016 Health Secretary Shona Robison said:

“We know that insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring kits can make it much easier for some people to manage their type 1 diabetes. Proper control is absolutely key to improving outcomes and preventing complications from developing.

“This new investment will increase the provision of this equipment, meaning it’s available to many more people, and making it easier for them to lead healthy lives.

“Type 1 diabetes is a significant health challenge right across the world and Scotland is no exception. To address this the Scottish Government has increased the number of insulin pumps fourfold since 2010, and we’re also funding ground-breaking research at the University of Dundee – the biggest study of its kind in Europe – involving more than 6000 patients.”

Karen Addington Chief Executive JDRF


Karen Addington, Chief Executive of JDRF in the UK, said:

Evidence shows this type 1 diabetes technology, provided alongside support and training for its use, can improve lives. We welcome the announcement of increased funding to improve access to it.”

Read NICE Guidelines for CGM –

In December 2015 we submitted FOI’s to all boards and this was the result.  We intend to do the same again soon to compare the difference and see if there are increased numbers throughout Scotland.

FOI CGM's Funding iPAG DEC 2015