iPAG Position Statement

iPAG would like to see all patients with type 1 diabetes in Scotland who could benefit from insulin pump therapy have access to this therapy in accordance with SIGN guidance 116 and NICE TA 151. We support the increasing use of Continuous Glucose Monitors and other technology to aid personal management by improving knowledge of blood glucose changes on a day to day basis. Thereby improving personal control and quality of life. We would like Scotland to adopt all new technology in a timely manner ensuring people with type 1 diabetes in Scotland have the best tools available to manage their diabetes as well as possible, reducing the likelihood of long term complications, which would be more cost effective for the NHS Scotland.

Insulin pump therapy and technology should be available as part of a comprehensive diabetes support service and not on the basis of where you live in Scotland or your ability to self-fund.

Patient suitability should be assessed on the basis of clinical need and patient choice. Those patients who meet the criteria should be offered a choice of pump and should have unrestricted access to test strips in line with the recommendation of their clinical team. We want the future with no health inequalities.