Stephen Dixon why I chose a Ypsopump

Sky News presenter and reporter Stephen DixonSky’s presenter and reporter Stephen Dixon, kindly wrote this post of us.

I’ve been on insulin pumps for more than ten years. Accuchek Spirit, then Combo, then Insight. But now I was ready for a change. I contacted my DSN to arrange to see reps to have a look at the different pumps on offer. The obvious choice was the Medtronic Minimed 640g. Not because of the CGM. I use The Libre and am in no hurry to suddenly start quadrupling my sensor cost just to get some alarms, but just because a lot of people use and rate the Minimed, and it looked quite nice from the pictures. I was horrified when I got my hands on it. Compared to the Insight, it was about twice the size and twice the weight. I’d been really excited to see one and within seconds felt totally deflated. I realised I had no real choice but to order another Insight, which I did. But then I called Roche to order self filling cartridges as I am also switching to Fiasp, only to be told they don’t provide them. So that means if you’re using Insight, you can ONLY use Novorapid. That made be rethink.

mylife ypsopump pumpAfter a bit of googling I found the Ypsopump. I haven’t given it a second look after my DSN had not recommended it. Turns out that’s because it only has two basal profiles (I only use two) and doesn’t have a bolus calculator (which actually it does, on the Bluetooth connected phone app). It is a phenomenal but of kit. Even SMALLER and LIGHTER than Insight, it’s the smallest pump currently on the UK market. One hidden button, the rest touch screen, icon driven, high contrast black and white screen. Its a joy to use, easy to prime, easy to set basal rates, easy to bolus. The cannula system (it comes with hard and soft systems) is very easy to use, painless insertion, Caucasian skin coloured or transparent adhesive and blue tubing, (which I rather like). The orbit system means the cannula connection spins 360 degrees so you don’t find yourself getting in as much of a knot.

After a few days running on the pump, I am in love. Simple menus, great display, intuitive controls. Very quiet operation too. You don’t hear the “chug chug” of insulin being pumped out. Admittedly each to their own, and I wouldn’t recommend that anyone gets a pump without meeting all the reps first and having a hands on look, but this is a choice I am very glad I made.

Thanks to Stephen for letting us know why he chose the Ypsopump.  I was intrigued at his unusual choice and very grateful he let me know why.  As a group we advocate for choice, always research available pumps to find which pump is best suited to you.  Not all pumps are available in all areas, but don’t let this put you off going after what is best for you.

Stephen is a great advocate and supporter for Type 1 Diabetes and the community.  Follow Stephen on:



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