Type 1 Diabetes and the Scottish General Election 2016

Scottish General Election 2016:

If you have the will and the time, the next canvasser that comes to your door, ask questions … it gives them some work to do, raises awareness and also gets them thinking about what’s important to us with Type 1 Diabetes… maybe, more access to psychology, structured education, transition, pumps, CGM, waiting times, patient choice, for example, pumps, BG meters, devolution of benefits (DLA/PIP, carers allowance) etc etc?

Or drop them an email, only us can make that difference!

The SNP Manifesto is interesting.  We hoped for 40% but considering no other party has mentioned diabetes so far, it is the best there is just now.  Very disappointing to see no mention of CGM or new technology – this is now moving fast and Scotland are going to be left behind again.  Think about it, please use your voice.

SNP Diabetes Manifesto 2016SNP Manifesto 2016:

Our Diabetes Improvement Plan will better support prevention and early detection and improve structured education following diagnosis. We will create a new national outcome for diabetes to support progress in addressing Type 2 diabetes. We have already made progress in the provision of insulin pumps and in the next Parliament we will increase the provision of insulin pump therapy for adults to 6,000 – over 20 per cent of the Type 1 diabetes population across Scotland

Update, Kara Kitson from The Glasgow Green Party has tweeted. We have no details of what this pledge may look like yet but we are waiting for more information.

Zara Kitson Glasgow Green Party