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We are not waiting with the FreeStyle Libre

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Thanks to Janice for her research 🙂

Compatible Phone Applications

The most powerful apps for use with a Libre transmitter are XDrip+ for Android and Spike for iOS. Glimp is an alternative to XDrip for Android users.

The BluCon transmitter comes with it’s own app which does the job but is fairly basic. To make the most of your transmitter and analyse your data, consider one of the others.

Nightscout is a cloud based website and once set up, you will have your own URL. This URL is then used to push data to and from the cloud. It’s not necessary to have Nightscout if this all sounds too technical but once you have mastered the basics of setting up the transmitter and app, it will make more sense and seem much easier.

There are a number of Nightscout compatible apps available to download e.g Nightscouter, Nightguard, NightscoutX, DIabits etc as well as other Diabetes management apps, most of which can be linked to your transmitter via your Nightscout URL. Try some and find what works for you.

Follow/Share feature requirements

XDrip+ – When both the Master and Follower are using Android phones with XDrip+, then the follow/share feature works directly with XDrip+, Nightscout is not required.

Spike – If both Master and Follower phones are iOS, follow feature can work directly between the phones only when both phones are on the same WiFi network. Otherwise Nightscout is currently required. (I believe a direct link will be available in future development updates.)

If a combination of Android and iOS phones are being used as Master and Follower, Nightscout is required in order to use the Follow feature on either XDrip+ or Spike.

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We are not waiting with the FreeStyle Libre