Animas Vibe

Following the USA, in January 2018, came the sad news that Johnson & Johnson were taking their business out of the insulin pump market, reducing choice in the UK also.

When the news hit the USA

Johnson & Johnson’s decision to close Animas operation in UK January 2018

Johnson & Johnson decision to close Animas operation in UK January 2018

So what does this mean in real terms?

If you have an Animas Vibe in Scotland you will continue as usual until your warranty runs out.  If during the warranty period your pump breaks it will be replaced.

You should continue to order supplies as usual and contact the same number for technical support also.

0800 055 6606 (United Kingdom) or 1800 812 715 (Republic of Ireland)

Medtronic has been chosen as industry partners

Animas Vibe® Insulin Pump 
with optional (normally self funded in Scotland) Dexcom G4® PLATINUM CGM System – this will continue, however, you can contact Dexcom directly who are able to supply the G4 or G5 system if you prefer.

Monday – Thursday 9am-5:30pm BST

Friday 9am-4pm BST:

020 7139 1980

0330 088 7877

0800 031 5761


For a full comparison chart of pumps available in the UK see the link at the bottom of this page