Getting Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Scotland

Funding for Flash or Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Scotland.  Whether you are interested in CGM or the FreeStyle Libre here is a guide on how to go about asking for it:

You can normally get a one sensor trial of an Enlite if you have a Medtronic pump or a trial of the Libre through your clinic – this data can help your case.

Approach your Consultant: If possible put your case in writing. You should set out all of the reasons why you should be funded for CGM. These might include:

(a) Children: Child’s age if 5 or under, low dosages leading to unpredictable BGs, unpredictable activity, disruption to education due to fluctuating BG levels persistent hypos/hypers (especially overnight!!!), parents can track remotely through CGM-in-the-cloud (Nightscout, Dexcom-Share) leading to increased independence (sleepovers, school-day variations, trips, visits to relatives), illnesses or other health conditions making management  more difficult), parental health issues (stress, better sleep, other ill health issues affecting parental ability to care for child).

(b) Adults: Overnight hypos and hypers, other health conditions affecting control, caring responsibilities, driving, shift work, heavy physical activity, improved control (as a result of better/more complete information on BGs)

Your career – this could be particularly important for a case for the Freestyle Libre – is scanning more appropriate?  For example, factory workers who have to wear PPE, construction workers, hairdressers, Chefs, food industry workers, clean room workers, etc.

Contact your MSP: your consultant will probably knock you back. The reasons cited are typically “lack of money” or “you don’t qualify”. Do not give up as this is likely to be the default first response. You need to write to your MSP (not your Westminster MP – health matters are devolved to Holyrood). You will have one constituency MSP plus several “List” MSPs. Pick one. The letter to your MSP should contain information about your (or your child’s) diabetes plus personal information such as caring responsibilities, other health issues that may be relevant. Include also the reasons that you included in your letter to your consultant. Try to keep the letter to your MSP focused – preferably condense it down to one page stressing the most important points. Remember that the Scottish Government has put extra money into diabetes technology (pumps and CGM). These letters can be ammunition for Government in cases where the Clinic or Health Board are clearly avoiding responsibility. Copy the Chief Executive of your Health Board into your correspondence.

What happens next?: Expect the possibility of being fobbed off again and be prepared to keep fighting. Don’t be discouraged. We went through this situation 6 years ago with pumps and things have improved markedly because of pressure from the community.

How can iPAG help?: If you feel you need help in drafting letters please get in touch with us – we can help you. Please keep us informed. If we have details of multiple cases we can use these as ammunition/evidence in our contacts with the Scottish Government.

Good luck and keep fighting!

Our Facebook groups are good for discussions and help.


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