Medtronic Continuous Glucose Monitoring

CGM Medtronic continuous glucose monitoring

Medtronic Enlite – This is a system integrated with either the MiniMed Veo or 640G insulin pump.  The 640G system is the most advanced system available anywhere.  When used in conjunction with CGM there is SmartGuard technology, which can suspend insulin when hypoglycemia is predicted.

Medtronic Enlite Continuous Glucose Monitoring prices May 2016

Medtronic Guardian Connect – Now available

The Guardian Connect is particularly suitable for people on MDI as it does not connect to a pump.  It works with an app on an iPhone or iPod.  For more information visit: 

Medtronic Enlites Guardian Connect Standalone CGM subscription service:

Enlite Starter Kit – Transmitter, inserter, charger, 5 Enlite sensors £509 Monthly  (5 sensors £42 each)  Sensors Licenced for 6 days.  Transmitter 1 year.