Thursday, March 14, 2019
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Tag: Flash Glucose Monitoring

Dexcom vs freestyle libre

Dexcom CGM vs Freestyle Libre

A recent thread in our group is copied here with permission of the posters: Question. What is everyone's preference when it comes to CGM Dexcom or the...

End the libre lotto campaign

#EndTheLibreLotto FreeStyle Libre Campaign We are Scotland based campaigners, however, this is a UK wide problem. Please get involved us the hashtag #EndTheLibreLotto and tweet...
scottish diabetes group freestyle libre guidelines

Scottish Diabetes Group FreeStyle Libre Guidance 2017

The benefits of Flash Glucose Monitoring have been summarised in the 'Diabetes UK Consensus Guideline for Flash Glucose Monitoring' published in September 2017 and endorsed...
Abbott FreeStyle Libre on the NHS

Abbott FreeStyle Libre available on the NHS

When will the FreeStyle Libre be available on the NHS? An announcement was made today, September 13th 2017, by Abbott that their FreeStyle Libre System...