Dexcom vs freestyle libre

A recent thread in our group is copied here with permission of the posters:

Question. What is everyone’s preference when it comes to CGM Dexcom or the Freestyle Libre?

TG: I used Libre for nearly 2yrs before moving to Dexcom in Dec 2017. Loved the Libre but for me (with reduced hypo awareness) the Dexcom’s alarms are essential and were the reason I switched from Libre.

LM: I started on Libre then moved to Dex and for me Dex wins hands down (has alarms and no other tech needed for me atm as my pump acts as the receiver; which will change at my next pump renewal. #ripAnimas).

Friends on Libre are using MiaoMiao (sp?) with Spike app (ios only atm) which is giving them data with alarms via their phones, however.

But I like that I don’t physically have to scan anything to see my Dex data, which is another area the systems differ

JT: I used Libre for 3 years and found it amazing. Got Dexcom G5 a week ago and don’t know how I ever lived without it. I’d give up my pump before I’d give up my Dexcom (and I love my pump almost as much as I love my kids)

CC: We have used both I prefer the Dexcom (except price) but my children prefer the libre. The alarms on the Dexcom annoy them they both say they already know they are hypo before the Dexcom tells them. I think the libre is also less of a constant reminder and better than finger pricks, letting them get on with life. I think if they had something more like a virtual pump where from the Dexcom it then suggested what they need to do the Dexcom would be more helpful they don’t really want to take the time to puzzle out what to do which takes time and is distracting them from what they really want to do ie friends. When daughter was really young the Dexcom is more useful as you could look at the receiver and not have to stop them, to scan, also better for information through the night, trying to scan a child while they are sleeping on the arm with the sensor is almost more disturbing than a finger prick at night.

JF: Dexcom wins by a mile, for reasons already given – alarms, accuracy and (in the case of G4) similar cost to the Libre over the year. Dexcom also already used in looping, which is the future for pumps I’d suggest. Don’t think Libre can be, though stand to be corrected on this.

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