Glucose Monitoring CGM Medtrum A6 TouchCare CGM

Medtrum A6 TouchCare CGM

Medtrum A6 TouchCare® System

Medtrum A6 TouchCare CGMThe Medtrum A6 TouchCare CGM provides you with real-time glucose readings and analysis on previous data, allowing you to keep track of your glucose trend at all times.

Features of Medtrum A6 CGM standalone system

  • Simple Insertion – set comes in a compact package and one press buttons to insert
  • Well designed products –discreet and completely unnoticeable when wearing
  • Less to carry – No extra receiver as monitoring on the mobile phone
  • Remote view with loved ones– data can be shared real time with loved ones
  • Affordable and accessible

Why would you choose Medtrum A6 CGM?

Enjoy the Ease and Convenience

  • A tiny, flexible, hair-like sensor
  • Automated sensor insertion
  • Waterproof design–free to swim and shower

Enjoy the Freedom and Flexibility

  • Records and fully uploads data automatically
  • Mobile app means freedom to monitor sensor at your convenience
  • Glucose information can be shared with loved ones anytime, anywhere

Enjoy the Accuracy

  • Single digit mean absolute relative difference (MARD) of 9%
  • Never miss a hypo or hyper alert – 720 sensor glucose readings per day
  • Trend arrow shows the speed and direction of your sensor glucose readings

The Medtrum A6 TouchCare CGM is available for use in adults and in children as young as 2 years old.

To order call the Medtrum General Enquiry line: 01923312391

Technical Helpline: 01923883623

Transmitter Specifications

Model: MD-TY-012

Size: 36.1 mm x 19.4 mm x 12 mm

Weight: 4.8 g

Operating Temperature Range: +5°C ~+40°C

Storage Temperature Range: -10°C~+55°C

Battery: Built-in 3.7 V polymer lithium-ion battery

Waterproof Rating: IPX8 (2.5 m, 60 min)

Classification: Type BF equipment, Continuous operation

Data Storage: Automatically stores the previous 15 days’ data

Wireless Communication Distance: 10 m

Limited Warranty: 1 year

Glucose Sensor Specifications

Model: MD-JY-006

Storage Temperature Range: +2°C ~+30°C

Glucose Range: 2.2~22.2 mmol/L (40~400 mg/dL)

Sterilization Method: By radiation

Sensor Life: Up to 7 days

How to insert a Medtrum A6 sensor

medtrum A6 CGM System prices 2018Metrum received it’s CE Mark (same as EC Mark)

Medtrum CE products certificate

For more information see the  Medtrum A6 TouchCare® System leaflet here

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