Mortality in Type 1 Diabetes

Reassuring news from the article Mortality in Type 1 Diabetes Versus the General Population published in July 2016.

See here – Mortality in Type 1 Diabetes in the DCCT/EDIC Versus the General Population

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Doctor Elliott Joslin

As awareness, education, care and treatments improve we are seeing a positive effect on mortality for people with Type 1 Diabetes.  It has to be noted however, that around the country there are large differences in care and there is still health inequality.  Some people have access to ongoing education, pumps and Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) or the FreeStyle Libre, but many require to fund the tools required to enable them to manage their diabetes as well as possible themselves.  90%+ of insulin pumps in Scotland can be used in conjunction with CGM, yet less than 1% have NHS funding. Those unable to afford to self fund have no choice but to do the best they can without, it’s comparable to driving in the dark with no lights and is much more difficult to gain comparative control to someone with access to all the best tools and education.  We are lagging behind other countries again, and this must change.