We are not waiting


Many now say ‘We are not waiting’ If you have T1D, or are a parent/carer, has it ever occurred to you how fantastic it would be if you could:

  • Wake up every morning with a BG of around 5 without having to check during the night and never having gone high or low
  • Keep your levels within in the normal range 90% of the time without constantly having to check, correct, or adjust
  • Eat meals with lots of “difficult” carbs (pizza, pasta, fish&chips), make only a rough estimate of the carb count, and stay perfectly in range over the next 5 hours without either spikes or lows
  • Go for hours without even thinking about what your levels are doing (and then find they are near perfect)
  • Control everything from your smartphone, so you can put your pump in your pocket (or hide it away somewhere) and never touch it except every 4 or 5 days to change the reservoir
  • If you are a parent, follow your child’s levels 24/7 on your smartphone and if necessary adjust or bolus from miles away over the internet or by text message

#WeAreNotWaitingThis isn’t science fiction or an empty promise for “the future”. This is the reality for the couple of thousands of us who have decided #WeAreNotWaiting for the medical professionals and tech companies, to come up with a solution and are running one of the DIY closed loop systems.   We are actually lucky to live in Scotland because the two pump models (Dana R/RS and Accuchek/Roche Spirit Combo) that will run AndroidAPS are on the NHS Scotland procurement list (and therefore fully NHS-fundable). With AndroidAPS all you need to run a closed loop is the pump, an Android mobile phone and a CGM (usually Dexcom G5, although there are “fixes” that will work with Libre).

If you need an illustration of how it works, here’s a screenshot for AndroidAPS between about 17.00 last night and 08.00 this morning. The green dots show my CGM readings and the blue line below is insulin delivery. Dinner at about 19.00, then a dessert an hour or two later (red arrow) but didn’t bolus – AAPS did it for me. It has kept me flat overnight even picking up and correcting a mystery rise around 04.00 (yellow arrow), and anticipated an overbolus for breakfast (blue arrow) by cutting basal to 0.

JM is using a DanaRS pump (with Humalog), Dexcom G5 with xDrip+, and a Samsung S6 mobile phone running  AndroidAPS v1.58 (the current Master release).  The system runs in conjunction with Nightscout (although AAPS will loop offline)


What is #OpenAPS?